After submitting the form details, it processes user registration in the PHP code. Youtube Links : CodeIgniter Admin Panel Demo: This video contain the demo of CodeIgniter Admin Panel. We'll also address startup-related business issues as they arise. We will create map using constant address and get coordinate to display marker on that location. How to setup CodeIgniter Admin Panel: This video contain the procedure of setting up CodeIgniter Admin Panel. Added. Login with facebook: You can use facebook login in your websites to allow users to login using their facebook don’t need an extra registration and user management for your can also manage users in your facebook application page. This gives the administrator a view how well its item is performing. Code to Get Values from db using PHP and show into Table format Rows-Columns one by one. This code is to display the dashboard after login. By the way, the Yii2 validators have an amazing breadth of capabilities for many common operations web developers might normally build by hand. Table is a part of HTML code and in this tutorial we are using table with PHP code. There are four Yii2 extensions I want to include for profile image support: Visweswaran and the 2Amigos have produced a number of Yii2 extensions that are super useful and they generally provide solid documentation as well. Description. This code uses default form submit to post data to the PHP. If you haven’t done this before, then check out our guide on how to copy and paste code in WordPress . Jeff Reifman is a experienced technology consultant, former Microsoft Group Program Manager, writer, activist and yogi. This tutorial resides in the PHP video index under the Social Network Development section. Bootstrap Form Helpers "'>" … It also puts a load on our LAMP stack whenever images are loaded. An online demo is available at Building Your Startup: Access Control, Active Record Relations and Slugs, Building Your Startup With PHP: Scheduling a Meeting, Imagine image manipulation library for PHP, Contact Details: the user's phone number and video conferencing addresses for virtual meetings, User Settings: to track the user's preferences within the application, Profile Images: to allow the user to upload a photo which we can use on meeting pages, User profile photo (path to a file they'll upload), Receiving reminders the day before a meeting, Receiving reminders in the days leading up to a meeting, Share contact details with meeting participants, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. In frontend/views/layouts/main.php: You can also see a link above to the User Settings feature which will be described further below. If you want to contribute to this repository, let me through my email and I can transfer the ownership. The Gravatar service references the registered user's email address. Each WordPress profile plugin has different features so you need to be careful with the one you settle for. Twitter iOS profile is a design concept for the iOS-based app. We'll use the Yii2 Imagine extension to scale images; it extends the Imagine image manipulation library for PHP. This is different from when users add contact entries, where each user has many records which each represent a contact entry. User Profiles Made Easy (UPME) is a full featured front-end profile, login and registration plugin for WordPress. After submitting the form details, it processes user registration in the PHP code. Registration and profiles can range from basic to very diverse, which can make form creation a hassle. After this, the user is redirected to the index.php page where a welcome message and the username of the logged-in user is displayed. 1. name – This field is used to store the image file name. Q&A for Work. Twitter iOS profile is a design concept for the iOS-based app. If you want the user registration code with AJAX, then we have to prevent the default submit with a script. How to upload profile images to users using PHP - Learn PHP backend programming. The PHP code embedded with this HTML is for getting the user session and the user data from the database. When you click on the registered user it will then take you to the view_profile.php link and display the information on them; $link = "

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