About Us

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About Us

Implement is a leading MEP Consultancy company in Abu Dhabi , with the primary goal of rendering quality MEP Engineering Consultancy services in Abu Dhabi.

Implement is a leading electromechanical consultancy that was founded in 2007. As a reliable company, Implement maintains quality management standards at every level of its operations and is ISO 9001:2015 certified. In addition to being a ADSSC,ADDC, and AADC approved electromechanical consultant.

Since inception, Implement focused its efforts on delivering the highest quality MEP services through its team of carefully selected engineers, BIM modelers and CAD operators who are regularly trained, tested and mentored to maintain the same outstanding performance on each and every project

Being a top MEP consultant over the last decade, has privileged Implement to work reputed MEP consultants, contractors and clients on a large number of prestigious projects of varying values and scales including residential buildings , schools , hospitals, hotels, commercial buildings, restaurants, churches, mosques, airports, and infrastructure projects in Abu Dhabi.

As masters of the trade, we are by far one of the most reliable and trusted electromechanical consulting companies in Abu Dhabi catering the projects of all disciplines (electrical mechanical, BIM Revit MEP design HVAC, Plumbing, Fire Fighting, Electrical, Fire Alarm, and Low Current (ELV) systems). With in-house LEED Aps and Estidama PQPs we excel in providing integrated design of sustainable and high performing buildings with exemplary efficiency, intelligence and innovation. All projects are managed and executed by our in-house team of engineers in our Abu Dhabi office.. None of our activities are outsourced which is why we have maintained the highest quality and achieved an unrivaled reputation as an MEP consultant.

Our services are not limited to design of new buildings, we also provide peer review of MEP designs, energy auditing and optimization, as well as troubleshooting of existing buildings with poor performance or discomfort complaints.

About The Founder

Maged Louis is a mechanical engineer graduate of Alexandria University on 1984 and has been a contractor, a consultant, a project manager, a facility manager, and a maintenance engineer.

He has been in the gulf region since 1992 and has contributed to the design, construction, and development of important large projects including: High rise towers, Residential buildings, Office buildings, Palaces, Airport buildings, Hotels, Villa compounds, Oil and Gas projects, Hospitals and Health care facilities, Places of worship, Industrial, and Others.

The Team

A carefully selected team of highly competent engineers with collective 160 years of diverse experience, in a healthy and friendly environment of cooperation, coordination and interdisciplinary internal reviews to deliver a well studied project as if designed by one person. We have completed more than 430 projects in UAE, Qatar, KSA, Oman, Yemen, Egypt, Sudan, Congo, Tanzania and India. Diverse in nature, requirements, local codes, challenges, but they all have one thing in common, a happy and satisfied customer.

Our Coordination, Your Peace Of Mind

A Single point of responsibility. You no longer need to handle multidisciplines and deal with conflicting requirements. Implement assigns you a project manager who will relief all your hassle on MEP and give you peace of mind. Not only we coordinate our MEP works but we also coordinate them with architectural, structural, interior design, fit out works, landscaping, and infrastructure as well. Having Implement name on your title block assures your client that the project has been thorougly coordinated and will not suffer delays nor abortive works.

Life-long Learning

We learn more about our field every day, keeping abreast with all the advances in technology and changes in the market, thus continually building our skill sets and readying ourselves for more modern day challenges. Our methods change and grow with every project as opposed to applying the same methods to each and every project. This gives our clients the confidence that our design is specially crafted to suit their project.

Tomorrow’s future is currently in our labs

Our engineers learn the latest engineering design and simulation programs to enforce a more engineeringly sound design based not only on experience in the field but sound calculations and up to date computational simulation. This ensures our clients that our designs are tailored to their needs and our solutions are well engineered and based on solid ground of experience and technology. Not only we search for the new innovations, we develop our own innovations and inventions that are now available in the market. our patent pending inventions are being used in high performance buidings worldwide.

Sustainability integrated in our design

We have LEED-AP, LEED Green Rater, Estidama PQP’s for Community, Buildings, and Villas. We are also an approved provider of Independent Commissioning Agent for LEED and Estidama projects. We have delivered several sustainable designs such that our design process automatically complies with sustainable building requirements. We are committed to protect the environment while delivering superior built environment that is healthy, comfortable, intelligent, and efficient.
  • Heating Ventilation & Airconditioning
  • Electrical Power & Lighting Distribution
  • Hydraulics and Pumping Systems
  • Fire and Life Safety Systems
  • Intelligent Low Current Systems
  • Building Management System & Integration
  • Green Buildings and High Performance Buildings