Are You a Contractor?

Here is what we can do for you.

Design review and risk analysis

Most designers put the responsibility on the contractor to verify the design and include the cost of any remedy to correct any design deficiency without claiming extra.This can involve a major risk to contractors who usually have no time to verify designs during tendering stage.We review the design and prepare a risk analysis report that helps the contractor getting the necessary clarification from the consultant or allowing the cost of remedy in their price.

Design for Design-and-Build projects

Some fast track projects are being tendered on Design-and-Build basis. The contractor is asked to team up with a consultant(s) to do the design and coordination drawings. The design is usually linked to a thorough value engineering exercise and negotiations with the clients.

Third Party review and claim dispute resolution

You must have encountered disputes / claim situation during execution of projects designed by you or by others. Whenever you need to invoke a third party for judgement or amicable solution, we will be there to help.We have a good track record in this field and our engineers enjoy sound technical credibility and integrity with consultants and clients.