Are You a Property Developer?

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Electro Mechanical Engineering Consultancy

Most Property Developers are keen to develop aesthetically pleasing iconic buildings. This is essential to beating the competition and increase the occupancy rate of their buildings. Yet, while the exterior architecture plays a role in attracting residents, a well designed M&E system is what keeps the residents in afterwards. Example: Many buildings are fully booked several months before completion, but become 50% vacant within 2 years. Why? Design deficiencies in M&E systems namely:

  • Poor temperature control and zoning issues.
  • Asthma and respiratory problems due to fungus growth.
  • Bad odours and poor indoor air quality.
  • High relative humidity.
  • High noise and vibration.
  • False fire alarms.
  • Frequent failures and power outages.
  • Cross ventilation and cooking smell migration between apartments.
  • Refer to our Tech Talk page for examples.
  • A careful developer should attach great importance to the selection of the right M&E designer as early as possible when a new project is being contemplated.

Value Engineering

With our multi-disciplined integrated experience in consultancy, contracting, and maintenance background, we can perform effective value engineering during the design process. This ensures the best value for money, achieving cost-effective solutions while keeping an eye on reliability, longevity, sustainability and operating cost. As the roles of the Property Developer has many similarities to that of the building owner, we recommend that you also check the services to Building Owner that could be of interest to you.